Department of Migration Team

Department of Migration Team

Research Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Barbara Fruth

Group Leader
+49 7531-94505-20

I am a behavioural ecologist and evolutionary anthropologist, interested in bonobo social behaviour, their ecological constraints, their role within the ecosystem, and their life history. One of my foci is their food repertoire ranging from items ingested for nutritional to those used for medicinal purpose. For this, I follow an interdisciplinary approach integrating herbaria, analyses of plant’s phytochemical and pharmacological properties, and their effect on growth, health and fitness of individual bonobos.

Nutritional Ecology • Conservation • Life history • Community Ecology • Bonobos

Research Scientists

Iris Bontekoe

IMPRS doctoral candidate

Sarah C. Davidson

IMPRS doctoral candidate
Movebank Data Curator

Affiliated and Guest Scientists

Dr. Stephen Blake

Affiliated Scientist

Dr. Francisco Dénes

Affiliated Scientist

Dr. Gisela Kopp

Affiliated Scientist

Dr. Teague O'Mara

Affiliated Scientist
Southeastern Louisiana University

Dr. Carlos David Santos

Affiliated Scientist

Prof. Kasper Thorup

Affiliated Scientist

Dr. Rasmus Worsøe Havmøller

Guest Scientist

I am a mammologist with a background in genetics, camera trapping and animal tracking, with broad interests in ecology and conservation that use multidisciplinary approaches to answer questions using the latest technological advances. I use high-resolution GPS data to assess competitive interactions in neotropical frugivores in collaboration with Meg Crofoot, while also working on developing a kinetic tracking tag in collaboration with Martin Wikelski’s team. My future research goal is to study dispersal of juvenile mammals. 

Food for Thought Tag development • Animal movement • Juvenile dispersal • Conservation
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