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Statistic course -new structuring!

Statistic Module 1 and 2 combined
Practical information: course "Introductory Statistics and Bayesian Data Analyses Using Linear Models with R and Stan: LM and LMM (Modules 1 and 2 combined)" Schedule Tuesday, 24 January 2023, room ZT1201- Introduction to the normal linear model using Bayesian statistics [more]

MoveApps – first steps of innovative movement analysis platform

Rado Seminar by Andrea Költzsch
Out of the depth of code development, I want to update you all about MoveApps – our award-winning analysis platform for inclusive data analysis, reproducible science and real-time conservation intervention. After a short introduction of background ideas, I will talk about the novelty of the system and how it has evolved since it was launched as beta version two years ago. Then, the focus of the ... [more]

Connecting the dots between environmental predictability, cognition and animal movement

Environmental predictability is a critical determinant of animal cognition and movement. Animals that have the appropriate cognitive skills use it to reduce mortality risks and increase the efficiency of resource acquisition. Environmental predictability thus impacts individuals’ movement decisions, their fitness, and ultimately acts as a selective pressure upon cognitive skills such as spatial ... [more]

Molecular simulation methods to study interactions in protein and RNA systems

Biology seminar by Prof. Christine Peter, Department of Chemistry, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Link to attend the seminars: [more]

Rado Seminar by Thorsten Balsby

Rado Seminar by Thorsten Balsby

Nonequilibrium Neural Computation: Stochastic thermodynamics of the asymmetric Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model

Effective neural information processing entails flexible architectures integrating multiple sensory streams that vary in time with internal and external events. Physically, neural computation is, in a thermodynamic sense, an out-of-equilibrium, non-stationary process that changes dynamically giving rise to entropy production. Cognitively, nonequilibrium neural activity results in dynamic changes ... [more]

Doctoral defense Angela Albi

Supervised by Iain Couzin
The role of parasitism in individual and collective behavior of guppies [more]

Best paper award (BPA) WS 22/23

Biology seminar by Prof. Martin Scheffner, Head of the Department of Biology
Link to attend the seminars: [more]

Sustainability Group Meeting / Nachhaltigkeitstreffen MPIAB

Discuss with us how to make the MPI-AB more sustainable or send a mail to! [more]

Rado Seminar by Jenna Kohles

Rado Seminar by Jenna Kohles

Doctoral defense Jan Gerwin

Supervised by Axel Meyer
On the genetic basis of phenotypic diversity in teleost fish [more]

Final Presentations of the VTK

Rado Seminar

Rado Seminar by Camila Calderon

Rado Seminar by Camila Calderon

Rado Seminar by Günther Bauer

Rado Seminar by Günther Bauer
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