Events at the MPIAB

Fall Retreat CASCB

  • Start: Oct 11, 2022
  • End: Oct 13, 2022

Academic ceremony /Akademische Feierstunde

Program Introduction with Welcome Speaker of the department Prof. Dr. Martin Scheffner. Awarding of certificates to graduates of the academic year 2021/2022 and prize awarding of the Association of Alumni of the University of Konstanz (VEUK) e.V. by the Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Daniel Dietrich. Admission of new doctoral students by each of the Graduate Schools from the Department of Biology ... [more]

Morphological differences of the flight apparatus of Black and White Storks

Rado Seminar by Anna Schneider
As stork species living and breeding in the temperate latitudes of the Palearctic, Black and White Storks show a distinctive migratory behavior towards the African continent. Although both species are thermal updraft dependent migratory birds and largely circumvent the Mediterranean Sea, particularly in the case of the Black Stork, Mediterranean crossings have been documented repeatedly ... [more]

Ethical project design for research involving animals

Ethical awareness lies at the heart of any research-programme that involves using animals. While we tend to design a project and then consider the ethics, placing research ethics and animal welfare foremost in the development process does more than help to gain approval for the work; a clearly defined harm-benefit analysis can shape the project’s development, underpinning all aspects of the work ... [more]
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