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Myriads of organisms travel great distances on their search for suitable food, wintering and mating grounds. Our planet resembles one large pulsating organism, in which all of the organisms that are continually moving are breathing life into it. Understanding this pulsating life and its underlying mechanisms allows a better understanding of the ecologically dynamic processes on a global scale.

We strive to understand and predict which decisions animals will make on their journey, how animals will interact with their ever-changing environment, and the consequences their migrations have on ecosystems and humans. Above all, this insight will enable us to predict the impact that we humans have on these processes and allow us to understand the future consequences.

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The roads not taken

The roads not taken

May 09, 2023

A new children’s book charts the many roads taken (or not) by scientists from Die Junge Akademie from childhood into a research career more

Dog standing in field wearing a GPS tracker.

MPI-AB joins forces with GPS pet tracking company - Tractive - to explore if dogs and cats can detect natural disasters before they happen. more

Seabirds in the eye of the storm

Tolerance to strong winds and storm avoidance strategy differs among seabird species more

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hands holding a bird with a tracker attached to its back

Can animals warn us about earthquakes? more

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