The University of Konstanz

Our Konstanz partner in teaching and research

Our partnership with the University of Konstanz is grounded in longstanding commitments to teaching, research, and infrastructure.

Since 2009 we have collaborated with the university’s Department of Biology on the Max Planck doctoral program, the IMPRS. Our IMPRS for Quantitative Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution trains doctoral students from around the world in the fields of animal behavior, ecology, evolution, physiology, and neurobiology.

In 2019 the Cluster of Excellence Collective Behaviour was founded at the University of Konstanz within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.
Dedicated to an integrative study of collective behavior, the cluster is led by Iain Couzin together with university professors Oliver Deusson and Britta Renner. Here, interdisciplinary projects connect us to a range of scientists at the University of Konstanz from psychology, physics, computer sciences, and economics.

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