Structure and Organization

The Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior is home to three Departments, three Max Planck Research Groups (MPRG), eight Research Groups (RG), and many professional staff. The Institute is managed by the Board of Directors, supported by the science coordinator and the heads of administration and Central Scientific Services. Every three years, the position of the institute's managing director changes from one director to the next. The MPRG leaders are appointed by the President of the Max Planck Society and enjoy an independent status within the Institute. The RG leaders are appointed by the Board of Directors based on the proposal of the respective head of the department.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Iain D. Couzin, Department Collective Behavior, MPI-AB Director since 2014
Prof. Dr. Meg Crofoot, Department Ecology of Animal Societies, MPI-AB Director since 2019
Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski, Department Migration, MPI-AB Director since 2012, Managing Director

Management, supporting the Board of Directors

Dr. Mäggi Hieber Ruiz, Head of Central Scientific Services
Dr. Daniel Piechowski, Science Coordinator
Margit Plahl, Head of Administration

Max Planck Research Group (MPRG) Leaders

Dr. Lucy Aplin, MPRG Cognitive and Cultural Ecology, since 2018
Dr. Serena Ding, MPRG Genes and Behavior, since 2021
Dr. Caroline Schuppli, MPRG Development and Evolution of Cognition, since 2020

Research Group (RG) Leaders

PD Dr. Dina Dechmann, RG Ephemeral Resource Adaptations
Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler, RG Bird Movement & Animal Marking
Dr. Andrea Flack, RG Collective Migration
Dr. Barbara Fruth, RG Bonobo Behavioral Ecology
Dr. Alex Jordan, RG Integrative Behavioral Ecology
Dr. Jesko Partecke, RG Causes, Mechanisms and Consequences of Songbird Migration
Dr. Kamran Safi, RG Animal-Environment Interactions
Dr. Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin, RG Communication & Collective Movement

Max Planck Fellows

Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein, since 2020
Dr. Maria van Noordwijk, since 2021
Prof. Dr. Carel van Schaik, since 2021

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