Bats flying against a misty forest

Powered by online databases and AI, the Internet of Animals is a new model for understanding and managing life on the planet more

3 Questions: MPI-AB art-science program

Hemal Naik and Helene Sommer discuss how an MPI-AB residency program cultivates curiosity about the creation and communication of animal behavior knowledge more

The roads not taken

The roads not taken

May 09, 2023

A new children’s book charts the many roads taken (or not) by scientists from Die Junge Akademie from childhood into a research career more

Drawing of worm towering behavior

With a two-year Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship, Daniela Perez plans to unlock one of the most elusive—and beautiful—mysteries of nematode behavior more

Dog standing in field wearing a GPS tracker.

MPI-AB joins forces with GPS pet tracking company - Tractive - to explore if dogs and cats can detect natural disasters before they happen. more

Study by Daniela Rößler recognized as Cozzarelli Prize finalist 2022

Research published last year is honoured for findings suggesting that spiders might dream

Blackbird with two young in nest

New study explores evolution of larger brains in context of energy-intensive needs during growth more

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