monk parakeet in a tree

Study is the first to document dialect differences in a parrot across its European range more

Bat Island

Bat Island

November 21, 2023

New book charts a rare journey into the hidden world of tropical bats more

No evidence for widespread transmission of viruses by African bats

Contrary to what is often reported, only one species is known to have transmitted pathogens to humans. more

illustration of baboon skull

Study unearths the geographic origin of mummified baboons found in ancient Egypt more

Bees with identifying tags

Drones were thought to contribute little to the hive. A study draws them out of the shadows to illuminate their surprising in-hive behavioral repertoire. more

Evidence found for unique voice print in parrots

Individual voice could help birds be recognized in a flock, no matter what they say more

Andrea Kölzsch and Anne Scharf win Heinz Billing Prize

Pair share award for developing a platform that harnesses animal tracking’s Big Data more

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