Goat standing on grassy hill with herd

A 45-minute documentary showcasing work by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior celebrates its TV premiere on ARD more

white stork flying against trees

Adolescent exploration helps storks to learn straighter and shorter migration routes more


A new paper asks behavioral scientists: How well do you know your animal? more

Do apes have humor?

Do apes have humor?

February 08, 2024

Study shows that great apes playfully tease each other more

a male orangutan looking at the camera

Social learning is affected by ecology, study finds more

honey comb

Solving the imperfect comb

December 08, 2023

Honey bees and social wasps developed a similar solution for nest building although evolution separated them 179 million years ago more

flanged male orangutan

New paternity study of wild orangutans upends the assumption that competition among males decides who sires offspring more

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