Study suggest that crows have some concept of the relative 'value' of different tool types more

The new International Max Planck Research School for Quantitative Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution from lab to field (IMPRS-QBEE) has launched—offering doctoral projects for 2022 more

The Movebank ecosystem of tools offers a one-stop-shop solution to storing, sharing, and making sense of the deluge of data generated by the animal tracking revolution more

Germany's most important research award is given to MPI-AB director more

Double success

December 09, 2021

Marietta Auer and Iain Couzin are awarded the Leibniz Prize 2022 of the German Research Foundation DFG more

Researchers uncover a single rule for how animals make spatial decisions while on the move more

A new study demonstrates for the first time that orangutan mothers are actively involved in their offspring’s skill learning—showing that they flexibly adjust their behavior to meet their offspring’s age and the complexity of the task more

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