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Research and achievements of the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior are shared far and wide. Below is a selection of stories, podcasts, and documentaries featuring MPI-AB. 

Warum Fische beobachten viel wert ist [more]
Satellite tracking project monitors sooty tern movement across Seychelles [more]
Jeder Vogel zählt [more]


Krähen wissen, was ihr Werkzeug wert ist [more]
In Orangutan Parenting, the Kids Can Get Their Own Dinner [more]
How Bat Moms Give Bat Pups Their Sense of Direction [more]
So bestehen Spinnen-Männchen den Drahtseilakt zwischen Leben und Tod [more]
Dina Dechmann discusses the energentic realities underlying bat behaviors in the episode "On the Energetic Edge" [more]
Gratis-Kantine und Satellitentechnik: Wie das Raumfahrtunternehmen Space Tech am Bodensee wächst [more]
Der sensationelle Weg eines Adlers am falschen Ort [more]
Angela Albi and Inga Petelski answer a kid's question: How many sharks are there in the ocean? [more]
Two Children’s Books Offer Hope for the Environment [more]
The season is changing and so is your brain [more]
Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin [more]
Male squid help choose a home for their mate [more]
Baboons wearing fitness trackers show that taking toddlers anywhere is a nightmare no matter your species [more]
Wanderung von Pavianen: Kleine Tiere müssen sich mehr anstrengen [more]
Clever carpentry helps bees fix wild honeycombs [more]
Im Revier des Königs der Lüfte [more]
Trash Parrots Invent New Skill in Australian Suburbs [more]
Kakadus kultivieren Mülleimer-Trick [more]
Warming climate means scientists may have overcounted bonobos, study says [more]
Textbooks say most birds can't smell. Scientists are proving them wrong [more]
Schlaue Tiere: Intelligenter als wir meinen [more]
Zusammenhalt zwischen Menschen, Tieren und Bakterien [more]
Geruchssinn: Duft von gemähtem Gras lockt Störche an [more]
Dr. Dina Dechmann und Lara Keicher sind von Feldermäusen fasziniert [more]
Scientists hail golden age to trace bird migration with tech [more]


Das erstaunliche Comeback des Klapperstorchs [more]
Die Tierforscher vom Bodensee: Die Imaging Scheune [more]
Die Tierforscher vom Bodensee: Vogelforscher-Urgestein Wolfgang Fiedler [more]
Die Tierforscher vom Bodensee: Katze Luna ist im Auftrag der Wissenschaft unterwegs [more]
Die Tierforscher vom Bodensee: Fliegen für die Forschung [more]
Projekt Icarus: Wenn Amseln Daten ins All schicken [more]
Junge Orang-Utan-Männchen nehmen sich nicht die Mama zum Vorbild [more]
Die Rolemodels der Orang-Utans variieren mit dem Geschlecht [more]


Female orangutans are mummy's girls [more]
Drosselrohrsänger überqueren Mittelmeer und Sahara in ungeahnten Höhen [more]
Tiny songbirds cross deserts and seas by soaring three times higher than usual [more]
Bird migration is one of nature’s great wonders [more]
Jungadler im Fokus der Wissenschaft [more]
‘Big-brained’ mammals may just have small bodies, study suggests [more]
Great Tits Have Culture And Immigrants Change It For The Better [more]
Great tits ‘update traditions’ to more efficient behaviours when new birds join group, scientists say [more]
Das Rätsel der 420 Millionen fehlenden Zugvögel [more]
How conservationists’ wing tags are actually endangering the Cape vulture [more]
How far does wildlife roam? An ambitious new system will track scores of species from space [more]
The pandemic has offered scientists an opportunity to study how slowdowns in human activity impact wildlife [more]
How to Win Friends and Influence Baboons [more]
Monkey see, monkey do: Islands in Panama offer glimpse into animal innovation [more]
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