Bird Movements and Animal Marking

We focus on phenology of bird movements and the consequences of movement behaviour for the bird as well as for the environment. This reaches from morphological adaptations of the flight apparatus and of the immune system to behavioural adaptations, life history traits and conservation aspects on one side and the dispersal of plants and animals (including pathogens) through migrating birds on the other side. In addition, our group manages the Centre for Animal Marking “Vogelwarte Radolfzell” that provides support and data management for scientific bird ringing in Southern Germany and Berlin as well as multiple services from training and support in permit issues to trapping, tagging and data management in electronic tracking projects – not just of birds.


Report about stork and buzzard broadcasting

in the Landesschau Baden-Würrtemberg (German only, May 2021; available until 7.6.2022)

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