Andrea Kölzsch and Anne Scharf win Heinz Billing Prize

Pair share award for developing a platform that harnesses animal tracking’s Big Data more

Stork flying

Carrying small sensors, they could be the most sensitive and informative weather instruments of all more

wild boar drinking and wearing ear tag

Accelerometers reading the behavior of wild boars can pick up when animals are infected with a fatal virus more

Barn with cameras attached to the walls and ceiling

Inside an 18th-century barn, a research lab captures the interactions within animal groups in unprecedented detail more

Curious kids

Curious kids

August 14, 2023

An experiment, conducted on wild orangutans, uncovers the conditions that spark curiosity more

pigeons outlined in colourful boxes

With a new marker less method it is now possible to track the gaze and fine-scaled behaviours of every individual bird and how that animal moves in the space with others more

CubeSat with view of earth and animals

ICARUS has begun testing its new satellite receiver that will continue uninterrupted tracking of animals from space more

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