Dog standing in field wearing a GPS tracker.

MPI-AB joins forces with GPS pet tracking company - Tractive - to explore if dogs and cats can detect natural disasters before they happen. more

Study by Daniela Rößler recognized as Cozzarelli Prize finalist 2022

Research published last year is honoured for findings suggesting that spiders might dream

Blackbird with two young in nest

New study explores evolution of larger brains in context of energy-intensive needs during growth more

Seabirds in the eye of the storm

Tolerance to strong winds and storm avoidance strategy differs among seabird species more

Wild dolphin swims in lagoon watched by fishers

A study reveals how cooperative hunting between dolphins and fishers can benefit both species—and why this behavior faces extinction more

Siberian jay

A comparative study of over a thousand bird species shows that parental care is key for development of brain size

Iain Couzin, MPI-AB director, beside a fish tank

Five questions about the number five with the renowned collective behaviour researcher more

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