Snapshot Europe 2024

July 16, 2024

The annual camera trapping project is back for another season–and camera trappers are invited to join more

Noctule bat showing teeth

Unique recordings show that bats can ramp up heart rate from 6 to 900 b.p.m within minutes more

Cover of Internet of Animals book

The first narrative nonfiction book about the pioneering animal tracking project ICARUS, written by its founder Martin Wikelski, is published by Greystone Books more

four storks flying in the sky

All storks choose to migrate with conspecifics, but young storks rely more on social influences than adults do more

Goat standing on grassy hill with herd

45-minute documentary celebrates its TV premiere on ARD more

white stork flying against trees

Adolescent exploration helps storks to learn straighter and shorter migration routes more

Bat Island

Bat Island

November 21, 2023

New book charts a rare journey into the hidden world of tropical bats more

No evidence for widespread transmission of viruses by African bats

Contrary to what is often reported, only one species is known to have transmitted pathogens to humans. more

Andrea Kölzsch and Anne Scharf win Heinz Billing Prize

Pair share award for developing a platform that harnesses animal tracking’s Big Data more

Stork flying

Carrying small sensors, they could be the most sensitive and informative weather instruments of all more

wild boar drinking and wearing ear tag

Accelerometers reading the behavior of wild boars can pick up when animals are infected with a fatal virus more

CubeSat with view of earth and animals

ICARUS has begun testing its new satellite receiver that will continue uninterrupted tracking of animals from space more

Feral genius

Feral genius

July 05, 2023

American mink regrow their brains in a rare reversal of the domestication process more

Counting Africa's largest bat colony

AI and computer vision provide most accurate estimate yet more

wild horses running

Animal-powered tracking

June 15, 2023

A new tracking device is powered by an animal’s own movements, solving problem of battery life more

Bats flying against a misty forest

Powered by online databases and AI, the Internet of Animals is a new model for understanding and managing life on the planet more

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