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Two men putting tracking device on a macaw

Internet der Tiere more

Dog standing in earthquake disaster zone

E se gli animali sapessero prevedere i terremoti? La scienza indaga con l’aiuto dei cittadini more

Cover of book Das ICARUS Projekt

Das Internet der Tiere more

hands holding a bird with a tracker attached to its back

Can animals warn us about earthquakes? more

Smithsonian podcast webpage

Satellite Hart

Goats standing in mountains

Können Tiere Erdbeben "erspüren"? more

Birds sitting on an electric wire

Did animals in Turkey, Syria sense the quake early? Here’s the science more

Scientist on forest floor with tech equipment


February 04, 2023

Frühwarnsysteme der Zukunft more

Martin Wikelski with farm animal


February 03, 2023

Frühwarnsysteme der Zukunft more

Fireworks exploding over city from Tageschau

Wie schlimm ist Böllern für Mensch und Umwelt? more

Fireworks in night sky from Spektrum der Wissenschaft

Feuerwerk: Silversterknallerei stresst Wildgänse nachhaltig more

Birds flying over sunset

Wildgänse lange gestresst von Silvesternacht more

goose with fireworks in background from Anthropocene Magazine

New Year's fireworks can give migratory birds a bad hangover more

Geese flying at sunset

New Year's fireworks chase wild geese high into the sky more

geese flying in sunset

Feuerwerke beeinflussen Wildvögel more

Migrating geese in the sky from Yahoo News

Fireworks could have long-lasting effects on wild birds, study says more

Mt Etna, animal disaster forecasting

Etnografia multispecie more

Windkraft-Ausbau: Probleme und Proteste

Windkraft-Ausbau: Probleme und Proteste more

Spritsparen über den Alpen

Spritsparen über den Alpen more

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