Dr. Kevin Morelle

Research Scientist
Department of Migration
Research Group Safi
+49 7732 1501-70
+49 151 66476505

Main Focus

I'm a bio-engineer in forest and nature management by training but became more of a wildlife ecologist through my MSc (post-fire habitat use of red deer Cervus elaphus) and PhD (Wild boar Sus scrofa movement ecology across scales). Over the last ten years I have been working on different projects dealing with wild boar spatial ecology. In 2014 with European colleagues, we instigated the the Euroboar network, a collaborative science initiative to improve knowledge of wild boar ecology.

More recently, the focus of my work got centered around African Swine Fever (ASF) in wild boar. Specifically, within the Horizon 2020 VACDIVA project, I'm working at understanding the spatial and social drivers of ASF spread and transmission within wild boar individuals and populations.

With IT and Engineers colleagues, I'm also interested in developing new ear tagging devices for wild boar, trying to provide an alternative to the current and standard collar devices.
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