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Journal Article
Byers, K.; Darragh, K.; Garza, S. F.; Almeida, D. A.; Warren, I. A.; Rastas, P. M. A.; Merrill, R. M.; Schulz, S.; McMillan, W. O.; Jiggins, C. D.: Clustering of loci controlling species differences in male chemical bouquets of sympatric Heliconius butterflies. Ecology and Evolution 11, pp. 89 - 107 (2021)
Journal Article
Darragh, K.; Orteu, A.; Black, D.; Byers, K.; Szczerbowski, D.; Warren, I. A.; Rastas, P.; Pinharanda, A.; Davey, J. W.; Garza, S. F. et al.; Almeida, D. A.; Merrill, R. M.; McMillan, W. O.; Schulz, S.; Jiggins, C. D.: A novel terpene synthase controls differences in anti-aphrodisiac pheromone production between closely related Heliconius butterflies. PLoS Biology 19 (1), e3001022 (2021)
Journal Article
Rodriguez-Santiago, M.; Nührenberg, P.; Derry, J.; Deussen, O.; Francisco, F. A.; Garrison, L. K.; Garza, S. F.; Hofmann, H. A.; Jordan, A.: Behavioral traits that define social dominance are the same that reduce social influence in a consensus task. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (31), pp. 18566 - 18573 (2020)
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