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Imaging Hangar

Uni Konstanz untersucht Tiergruppen in neuer Hightech-Halle more

Birds in imaging barn

Animal motion-capture studio tracks bird flocks and insect swarms more

Iain Couzin in his office

It’s the Matrix, but for locusts more

Regio TV

Neue Studie zu Tierverhalten more

pair of adult fairy wrens

These Tiny Birds Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends more

Drone image of zebra on plains bounded by colored boxes for AI identification

Understanding Herd Mentality more

School of fish swimming above coral

Schlaue Schwärme - Rätselhafte Kräfte more

school of fish

Die Tücken der Schwarmintelligenz

The only thing Elon Musk understands about Twitter is how to kill it

The only thing Elon Musk understands about Twitter is how to kill it more


Sind wir im Schwarm intelligenter? more

Schwarmverhalten more

SWR Wissen

Iain Couzin erforscht das Schwarmverhalten von Tieren more

3 Sat, Nano

Iain Couzin und das kollektive Verhalten von Vögeln more

Foto: Patrick Pleul/ dpa

Warum Ameisen nie im Stau stehen more

Captain Darwin / Eduardo Sampaio

Drifting Away more


Warum Fische beobachten viel wert ist more


So bestehen Spinnen-Männchen den Drahtseilakt zwischen Leben und Tod more

New York Times

How Bat Moms Give Bat Pups Their Sense of Direction more


Angela Albi and Inga Petelski answer a kid's question: How many sharks are there in the ocean? more

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