Zebrafish swimming in a school

Virtual Reality experiments have illuminated the rhythmic glue that could keep animals moving in synchrony more

honey comb

Solving the imperfect comb

December 08, 2023

Honey bees and social wasps developed a similar solution for nest building although evolution separated them 179 million years ago more

Bees with identifying tags

Drones were thought to contribute little to the hive. A study draws them out of the shadows to illuminate their surprising in-hive behavioral repertoire. more

Barn with cameras attached to the walls and ceiling

Inside an 18th-century barn, a research lab captures the interactions within animal groups in unprecedented detail more

pigeons outlined in colourful boxes

With a new marker less method it is now possible to track the gaze and fine-scaled behaviours of every individual bird and how that animal moves in the space with others more

Wild dolphin swims in lagoon watched by fishers

A study reveals how cooperative hunting between dolphins and fishers can benefit both species—and why this behavior faces extinction more

Iain Couzin, MPI-AB director, beside a fish tank

Five questions about the number five with the renowned collective behaviour researcher more

Danai Papageorgiou wins the Otto Hanh medal

Doctoral student is honored for research uncovering the complex social life of the vulturine guineafowl more

Sailing in Darwin's wake

Sailing in Darwin's wake

February 12, 2022

Eduardo Sampaio sailed for ten days along a section of the route of the MS Beagle more

Scientists are turning the powers of AI and Big Data towards preserving wildlife

Experts in artificial intelligence and animal ecology are pooling their efforts into a pioneering approach to conservation more

Iain Couzin, MPI-AB director, beside a fish tank

Germany's most important research award is given to MPI-AB director more

One algorithm to rule decision-making

Researchers uncover a single rule for how animals make spatial decisions while on the move more

Male spiders are attracted by a female like planets orbiting a star

When animal magnetism meets fatal attraction more

Iain Couzin among the world’s most influential scientists

Iain Couzin, Director of MPI-AB, has been included in the 2021 list of the “Global Highly Cited Researchers” for the fourth time in a row. more

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