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Juvaste, R.; Arriero, E.; Gagliardo, A.; Holland, R.; Huttunen, M. J.; Mueller, I.; Thorup, K.; Wikelski, M.; Hannila, J.; Penttinen, M.-L. et al.; Wistbacka, R.: Satellite tracking of red-listed nominate lesser black-backed gulls (Larus f. fuscus): Habitat specialisation in foraging movements raises novel conservation needs. Global Ecology and Conservation 10, S. 220 - 230 (2017)
van Toor, M. L.; Arriero, E.; Holland, R. A.; Huttunen, M. J.; Juvaste, R.; Mueller, I.; Thorup, K.; Wikelski, M.; Safi, K.: Flexibility of habitat use in novel environments: Insights from a translocation experiment with lesser black-backed gulls. Royal Society Open Science 4 (1), 160164 (2017)
Arriero, E.; Mueller, I.; Juvaste, R.; Javier Martinez, F.; Bertolero, A.: Variation in immune parameters and disease prevalence among Lesser Black-Backed Gulls (Larus fuscus sp.) with different migratory strategies. PLoS One 10 (2), e0118279 (2015)
Wikelski, M.; Arriero, E.; Gagliardo, A.; Holland, R. A.; Huttunen, M. J.; Juvaste, R.; Mueller, I.; Tertitski, G.; Thorup, K.; Wild, M. et al.; Alanko, M.; Bairlein, F.; Cherenkov, A.; Cameron, A.; Flatz, R.; Hannila, J.; Hüppop, O.; Kangasniemi, M.; Kranstauber, B.; Penttinen, M.-L.; Safi, K.; Semashko, V.; Schmid, H.; Wistbacka, R.: True navigation in migrating gulls requires intact olfactory nerves. Scientific Reports 5, 17061 (2015)
Quillfeldt, P.; Arriero, E.; Martinez, J.; Masello, J. F.; Merino, S.: Prevalence of blood parasites in seabirds - a review. Frontiers in Zoology 8, 26 (2011)
Kingma, S. A.; Hall, M. L.; Arriero, E.; Peters, A.: Multiple benefits of cooperative breeding in purple-crowned fairy-wrens: A consequence of fidelity? Journal of Animal Ecology 79 (4), S. 757 - 768 (2010)
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