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Publications of Claudia Burger

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Journal Article
Delhey, K.; Burger, C.; Fiedler, W.; Peters, A.: Seasonal changes in colour: A comparison of structural, melanin- and carotenoid-based plumage colours. PLoS One 5 (7), e11582 (2010)
Journal Article
Forstmeier, W.; Burger, C.; Temnow, K.; Deregnaucourt, S.: The genetic basis of zebra finch vocalizations. Evolution: International journal of organic evolution 63 (8), pp. 2114 - 2130 (2009)
Journal Article
Schielzeth, H.; Burger, C.; Bolund, E.; Forstmeier, W.: Assortative versus disassortative mating preferences of female zebra finches based on self-referent phenotype matching. Animal Behaviour 76 (6), pp. 1927 - 1934 (2008)
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