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Journal Article
Curk, T.; Scacco, M.; Safi, K.; Wikelski, M.; Fiedler, W.; Kemp, R.; Wolter, K.: Wing tags severely impair movement in African Cape Vultures. Animal Biotelemetry 9, 11 (2021)
Journal Article
O'Mara, M. T.; Amorim, F.; Scacco, M.; McCracken, G. F.; Safi, K.; Mata, V.; Tome, R.; Swartz, S.; Wikelski, M.; Beja, P. et al.; Rebelo, H.; Dechmann, D. K. N.: Bats use topography and nocturnal updrafts to fly high and fast. Current Biology 31 (6), pp. 1311 - 1316 (2021)
Journal Article
Becciu, P.; Menz, M. H. M.; Aurbach, A.; Cabrera‐Cruz, S. A.; Wainwright, C. E.; Scacco, M.; Ciach, M.; Pettersson, L. B.; Maggini, I.; Arroyo, G. M. et al.; Buler, J. J.; Reynolds, D. R.; Sapir, N.: Environmental effects on flying migrants revealed by radar. Ecography 42 (5), pp. 942 - 955 (2019)
Journal Article
Capotosti, S.; Scacco, M.; Nelli, L.; Dell'Omo, G.; Panuccio, M.: Hypatia-trackRadar: A software for animal tracking using marine surveillance radars. Ecological Informatics 53, 100972 (2019)
Journal Article
Scacco, M.; Flack, A.; Duriez, O.; Wikelski, M.; Safi, K.: Static landscape features predict uplift locations for soaring birds across Europe. Royal Society Open Science 6 (1), 181440 (2019)
Journal Article
Nilsson, C.; Dokter, A. M.; Schmid, B.; Scacco, M.; Verlinden, L.; Bäckman, J.; Haase, G.; Dell’Omo, G.; Chapman, J. W.; Leijnse, H. et al.; Liechti, F.: Field validation of radar systems for monitoring bird migration. Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (6), pp. 2552 - 2564 (2018)

Report (1)

Fiedler, W.; Scharf, A. K.; Scacco, M.: Raumnutzungs- und Flugverhalten von Rotmilanen und Wespenbussarden in Baden-Württemberg unter verschiedenen Witterungs- und Landschaftsbedingungen. Abschlussbericht an das Land Baden-Württemberg. LUBW, Karlsruhe (2021)
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