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van Schaik, J.; Gazaryan, D.; Dekeukeleire, S.; Natradze, I.; Kerth, G.: Comparative phylogeography of a vulnerable bat and its ectoparasite reveals dispersal of a non-mobile parasite among distinct evolutionarily significant units of the host. Conservation Genetics 19 (2), pp. 481 - 494 (2018)
Journal Article
van Schaik, J.; Kerth, G.: Host social organization and mating system shape parasite transmission opportunities in three European bat species. Parasitology Research 116 (2), pp. 589 - 599 (2017)
Journal Article
Dekeukeleire, D.; Janssen, R.; Haarsma, A.-J.; Bosch, T.; van Schaik, J.: Swarming behaviour, catchment area and seasonal movement patterns of the Bechstein's bats: Implications for conservation no access. Acta chiropterologica 18 (2), pp. 349 - 358 (2016)
Journal Article
van Schaik, J.; Dekeukeleire, D.; Kerth, G.: Host and parasite life history interplay to yield divergent population genetic structures in two ectoparasites living on the same bat species. Molecular Ecology 24 (10), pp. 2324 - 2335 (2015)
Journal Article
van Schaik, J.; Janssen, R.; Bosch, T.; Haarsma, A.-J.; Dekker, J. J. A.; Kranstauber, B.: Bats swarm where they hibernate: Compositional similarity between autumn swarming and winter hibernation assemblages at five underground sites. PLoS One 10 (7), e0130850 (2015)
Journal Article
van Schaik, J.; Kerth, G.; Bruyndonckx, N.; Christe, P.: The effect of host social system on parasite population genetic structure: Comparative population genetics of two ectoparasitic mites and their bat hosts. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14, 18 (2014)
Journal Article
Dekeukeleire, D.; Janssen, R. E. A.; van Schaik, J.: Frequent melanism in Geoffroy's bat (Myotis emarginatus, Geoffroy 1806). Hystrix-Italian Journal of Mammalogy 24 (2), pp. 197 - 198 (2013)
Journal Article
Kerth, G.; van Schaik, J.: Causes and consequences of living in closed societies: Lessons from a long-term socio-genetic study on Bechstein's bats. Molecular Ecology 21 (3), pp. 633 - 646 (2012)
Journal Article
Coyer , J. A.; Hoarau , G.; van Schaik, J.; Luijckx , P.; Olsen , J. L.: Trans-Pacific and trans-Arctic pathways of the intertidal macroalga Fucus distichus L. reveal multiple glacial refugia and colonizations from the North Pacific to the North Atlantic. Journal of Biogeography 38 (4), pp. 756 - 771 (2011)
Journal Article
van Schaik, J.; Bruyndonckx, N.; Kerth, G.; Christe, P.: Isolation and characterisation of microsatellite loci for two species of spinturnicid bat wing mites (spinturnix myoti and spinturnix bechsteini). Acarologia 51 (1), pp. 127 - 131 (2011)
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