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Eisenring, E.; Eens, M.; Pradervand, J.-N.; Jacot, A.; Baert, J.; Ulenaers, E.; Lathouwers, M.; Evens, R.: Quantifying song behavior in a free-living, light-weight, mobile bird using accelerometers. Ecology and Evolution 12 (1), e8446 (2022)
Lathouwers, M.; Artois, T.; Dendoncker, N.; Beenaerts, N.; Conway, G.; Henderson, I.; Kowalczyk, C.; Davaasuren, B.; Bayrgur, S.; Shewring, M. et al.; Cross, T.; Ulenaers, E.; Liechti, F.; Evens, R.: Rush or relax: Migration tactics of a nocturnal insectivore in response to ecological barriers. Scientific Reports 12, 4964 (2022)
Evens, R.; Jacot, A.; Artois, T.; Ulenaers, E.; Neyens, T.; Rappaz, L.; Theux, C.; Pradervand, J.-N.: Improved ecological insights commission new conservation targets for a crepuscular bird species. Animal Conservation 24 (3), S. 457 - 469 (2021)
Evens, R.; Conway, G.; Franklin, K.; Henderson, I.; Stockdale, J.; Beenaerts, N.; Smeets, K.; Neyens, T.; Ulenaers, E.; Artois, T.: DNA diet profiles with high‐resolution animal tracking data reveal levels of prey selection relative to habitat choice in a crepuscular insectivorous bird. Ecology and Evolution 10 (23), S. 13044 - 13056 (2020)
Evens, R.; Kowalczyk, C.; Norevik, G.; Ulenaers, E.; Davaasuren, B.; Bayargur, S.; Artois, T.; Akesson, S.; Hedenstrom, A.; Liechti, F. et al.; Valcu, M.; Kempenaers, B.: Lunar synchronization of daily activity patterns in a crepuscular avian insectivore. Ecology and Evolution 10 (14), S. 7106 - 7116 (2020)
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