Press Releases

Press Releases

The journeys of hoverflies

Many billions of hoverflies commute every year between Great Britain and the European mainland more

Icarus is switched on

Icarus is switched on

July 08, 2019

After a test phase lasting several months, the animal observation system is to commence operation at the end of the year more

Every bat travels differently

Noctule bats follow individual routes to their nursery roosts more

Hunting fruit bats also harms humans

Straw-coloured fruit bats provide valuable ecological services for humans more

New Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior

Scientists will investigate collective behaviour and movement patterns of animals more

'We can't simply lock up animals in protected areas'

Interview with Martin Wikelski about how humans continue to restrict the range of motion of animals. more

Seal hunting with the Great White Shark

Researchers record the behaviour of these threatened hunters with underwater cameras and motion sensors more

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