Lions and hyenas

Social bonds motivate hyenas to take big risks together more

Lions and hyenas

Friendly hyenas are more likely to form mobs more

picture of Meg Crofoot from a still of the video

Meg investigates animal societies using space-based technologies more

rock hyrax

Perché il canto ritmico dell’irace delle rocce è un’efficace strategia di corteggiamento? more

Femal researcher working in forest with bonobos in the background

Sex als sozialer Kitt: Barbara Fruth erforscht das Verhalten von Bonobos more

Dolphin swimming in water being watched by fishermen

Seltene Symbiose: Delfine machen gemeinsame Sache mit Menschen more

toucan with seed

Wie Tiere selbst zur Rettung von Wäldern und Artenvielfalt beitragen more

Coati on forest floor

The underappreciated importance of wildlife in restoring tropical forests more


Wildlife photographer of the year more


Would It Really Work to Punch a Lion in the Face? What If You’re Idris Elba? more


A massive societal problem for humans is also harming animals more

The Atlantic

A Plant's Whole Life Depended on a Mystery Accomplice more

Müde Primaten: Wofür Affen ihren Schlaf opfern

Müde Primaten: Wofür Affen ihren Schlaf opfern more


Baboons wearing fitness trackers show that taking toddlers anywhere is a nightmare no matter your species more

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Wanderung von Pavianen: Kleine Tiere müssen sich mehr anstrengen more

Zusammenhalt zwischen Menschen, Tieren und Bakterien more

Radio Lab

How to Win Friends and Influence Baboons more

Smithsonian Magazine

Here's the Scoop on Monkey Leadership more

New York Times

The 2020 election is off to a complicated start. Maybe we can draw some comparative political lessons from the animal kingdom more

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