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Journal Article
Brown, M.: An observation of intergroup infanticide in grey-cheeked mangabeys (Lophocebus albigena). Behaviour 157, pp. 1091 - 1098 (2020)
Journal Article
Hartwell, K. S.; Notman, H.; Kalbitzer, U.; Chapman, C. A.; Pavelka, M. M. S. M.: Fruit availability has a complex relationship with fission-fusion dynamics in spider monkeys. Primates (2020)
Journal Article
Lucchesi, S.; Cheng, L.; Janmaat, K.; Mundry, R.; Pisor, A.; Surbeck, M.: Beyond the group: how food, mates, and group size influence intergroup encounters in wild bonobos. Behavioral Ecology 31 (2), pp. 519 - 532 (2020)
Journal Article
Monteza-Moreno, C. M.; Dogandzic, T.; McLean, K. A.; Castillo-Caballero, P. L.; Mijango-Ramos, Z.; Del Rosario-Vargas, E.; Crofoot, M. C.; Barrett, B. J.: White-Faced Capuchin, Cebus capucinus imitator, hammerstone and anvil tool use in riparian habitats on Coiba Island, Panama. International Journal of Primatology 41 (3), pp. 429 - 433 (2020)
Journal Article
Torrez-Herrera, L. L.; Davis, G. H.; Crofoot, M. C.: Do monkeys avoid areas of home range overlap because they are dangerous? A test of the risk hypothesis in White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus). International Journal of Primatology 41 (2), pp. 246 - 264 (2020)
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