Helping animals to reforest the tropics

Daisy Dent on why restoration efforts in the tropics might be missing the forest for the trees more

Wealth inequality plagues animal societies too

Drawing inspiration from studies into human inequality can teach us a lot about the evolution of animal groups. more

Meg Crofoot

The prestigious award from the European Research Council will support a revolutionary approach to the study of sleep in wild, group-living animals more

No time to nap in nature

Sacrificing sleep to meet pressing demands is common in wild baboons—and might even be part of our evolutionary history more

For animal societies, cohesion comes at a cost

In a first for wild primates, scientists use ‘Fitbit’ technology on a troop of baboons to reveal the price of sticking together—and who pays the most. more

The troop is on course

The troop is on course

July 02, 2021

From the Max Planck Research magazine, Meg Crofoot's research on the compromise that binds a troop of olive baboons more

Scientists risk overestimating numbers of wild bonobos

Study warns that changing climate in the Congo Basin is impacting assessment of the endangered apes more

<p>Collaborative Research Grant Winners Announced!</p>

Dr Natalia Borrego and Genevieve Finerty have been awarded the Collaborative Research Grant (CRG), offered by the Department for the Ecology of Animal Societies at the University of Konstanz / Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, for their project exploring sociality among African lions. more


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