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Richter, C.; Behringer, V.; Manig, F.; Henle, T.; Hohmann, G.; Zierau, O.: Traces of dietary patterns in saliva of hominids: Profiling salivary amino acid fingerprints in great apes and humans. Journal of Human Evolution 175, 103305 (2023)
Sonnweber, R.; Stevens, J. M. G.; Hohmann, G.; Deschner, T.; Behringer, V.: Blood testosterone levels in sickness and in health: Male chimpanzee testosterone levels decrease in face of an immune challenge. American Journal of Primatology 84 (4-5), e23334 (2022)
Behringer, V.; Deimel, C.; Stevens, J.; Kreyer, M.; Lee, S.; Hohmann, G.; Fruth, B.; Heistermann, M.: Cell-mediated immune ontogeny is affected by sex but not environmental context in a long-lived primate species. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 272 (2021)
Behringer, V.; Krumbholz, A.; Stevens, J. M. G.; Keiler, A. M.; Zierau, O.; Hohmann, G.: Exploring the utility of hair endocannabinoids for monitoring homeostasis in bonobos. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 94 (2), S. 83 - 98 (2021)
Tkaczynski, P. J.; Behringer, V.; Ackermann,, C.Y.; Fedrurek, P.; Fruth, B.; Girard-Buttoz, C.; Hobaiter, C.; Lee, S.M.; Löhrich, T.; Preis, A. et al.; Samuni, L.; Zommers, Z.; Zuberbühler, K.; Deschner, T.; Wittig, R. M.; Hohmann, G.; Crockford, C.: Patterns of urinary cortisol levels during ontogeny appear population- rather than species-specific in wild chimpanzees and bonobos. Journal of Human Evolution 147, 102869 (2020)
Oelze, V. M.; Douglas, P. H.; Stephens, C. R.; Behringer, V.; Surbeck, M.; Richards, M. P.; Fruth, B.; Hohmann, G.: The steady state great ape? Long term isotopic records reveal the effects of season, social rank and reproductive status on bonobo feeding behaviour. PLoS One 11 (9), e0162091 (2016)
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