Publications of Amanda Monte

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Journal Article
Osipova, E.; Barsacchi, R.; Brown, T.; Sadanandan, K.; Gaede, A. H.; Monte, A.; Jarrells, J.; Moebius, C.; Pippel, M.; Altshuler, D. L. et al.; Winkler, S.; Bickle, M.; Baldwin, M. W.; Hiller, M.: Loss of a gluconeogenic muscle enzyme contributed to adaptive metabolic traits in hummingbirds. Science 379 (6628), pp. 185 - 190 (2023)
Journal Article
Cockburn, G.; Ko, M.-C.; Sadanandan, K.; Miller, E. T.; Nakagita, T.; Monte, A.; Cho, S.; Roura, E.; Toda, Y.; Baldwin, M. W.: Synergism, bifunctionality, and the evolution of a gradual sensory trade-off in hummingbird taste receptors. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (2), msab367 (2022)
Journal Article
Monte, A.; Cerwenka, A. F.; Ruthensteiner, B.; Gahr, M.; Düring, D. N.: The hummingbird syrinx morphome: A detailed three-dimensional description of the black jacobin’s vocal organ. BMC Zoology 5 (1), 7 (2020)
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