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Düring, D. N.; Dittrich, F.; Diales da Rocha, M.; Tachibana, R. O.; Mori, C.; Okanoya, K.; Boehringer, R.; Ehret, B.; Grewe, B. F.; Gerber, S. et al.; Ma, S.; Rauch, M.; Paterna, J.-C.; Kasper, R.; Gahr, M.; Hahnloser, R. H. R.: Fast retrograde access to projection neuron circuits underlying vocal learning in songbirds. Cell Reports 33 (6), 108364 (2020)
Kriesell, H. J.; Le Bohec, C.; Cerwenka, A. F.; Hertel, M.; Robin, J.-P.; Ruthensteiner, B.; Gahr, M.; Aubin, T.; Düring, D. N.: Vocal tract anatomy of king penguins: Morphological traits of two-voiced sound production. Frontiers in Zoology 17, 5 (2020)
Monte, A.; Cerwenka, A. F.; Ruthensteiner, B.; Gahr, M.; Düring, D. N.: The hummingbird syrinx morphome: A detailed three-dimensional description of the black jacobin’s vocal organ. BMC Zoology 5 (1), 7 (2020)
Diales da Rocha, M.; Düring, D. N.; Bethge, P.; Voigt, F. F.; Hildebrand, S.; Helmchen, F.; Pfeifer, A.; Hahnloser, R. H. R.; Gahr, M.: Tissue clearing and light sheet microscopy: Imaging the unsectioned adult zebra finch brain at cellular resolution. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 13, 13 (2019)
Düring, D. N.; Diales da Rocha, M.; Dittrich, F.; Gahr, M.; Hahnloser, R. H. R.: Expansion light sheet microscopy resolves subcellular structures in large portions of the songbird brain. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 13, 2 (2019)
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