People at the MPI of Animal Behavior

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Salamatu Abdu
IMPRS Doctoral Student
  • +49 7732 1501-0
Gustavo Alarcon-Nieto
IMPRS Doctoral Student
Dr. Shauhin E. Alavi
Angela Albi
IMPRS Doctoral Student
  • + 49 7531-88-5165
Katja Anderson
Assistant to the Director
  • +49 7531 88-4928
Dr. Lucy M. Aplin
IMPRS Faculty, Max Planck Research Group Leader
  • +49 7732 1501-13
Instin Arockiasamy
IT System and Network Administrator
Dr. Alison Ashbury
Science Writer
  • +49 7531 9450569
Heike Auer
Marion Auer
  • +49 7732 1501 75
Carla Avolio
Communications and Media Officer
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