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Paoli, M.; Antonacci, Y.; Albi, A.; Faes, L.; Haase, A.: Granger causality analysis of transient calcium dynamics in the honey bee antennal lobe network. Insects 14 (6), 539 (2023)
Journal Article
Albi, A.; Meola, A.; Zhang, F.; Kahali, P.; Rigolo, L.; Tax, C. M. W.; Ciris, P. A.; Essayed, W. I.; Unadkat, P.; Norton, I. et al.; Rathi, Y.; Olubiyi, O.; Golby, A. J.; O'Donnell, L. J.: Image registration to compensate for EPI distortion in patients with brain tumors: An evaluation of tract-specific effects. Journal of Neuroimaging 28 (2), pp. 173 - 182 (2018)
Journal Article
Haase, A.; Paoli, M.; Albi, A.; Zanon, M.; Zanini, D.; Antolini, R.: Neuronal response latencies provide a first general odor code in honeybees. The Journal of Neuroscience 38 (43), pp. 9240 - 9251 (2018)
Journal Article
Paoli, M.; Albi, A.; Zanon, M.; Zanini, D.; Antolini, G.; Haase, A.: Neuronal response latencies encode first odor identity information across subjects. The Journal of Neuroscience 38 (43), 9251, pp. 9240 (2018)
Journal Article
Albi, A.; Pasternak, O.; Minati, L.; Marizzoni, M.; Bartres-Faz, D.; Bargallo, N.; Bosch, B.; Rossini, P. M.; Marra, C.; Muller, B. et al.; Fiedler, U.; Wiltfang, J.; Roccatagliata, L.; Picco, A.; Nobili, F. M.; Blin, O.; Sein, J.; Ranjeva, J. P.; Didic, M.; Bombois, S.; Lopes, R.; Bordet, R.; Gros-Dagnac, H.; Payoux, P.; Zoccatelli, G.; Alessandrini, F.; Beltramello, A.; Ferretti, A.; Caulo, M.; Aiello, M.; Cavaliere, C.; Soricelli, A.; Parnetti, L.; Tarducci, R.; Floridi, P.; Tsolaki, M.; Constantinidis, M.; Drevelegas, A.; Frisoni, G.; Jovicich, J.; PharmaCog Consortium: Free water elimination improves test-retest reproducibility of diffusion tensor imaging indices in the brain: A longitudinal multisite study of healthy elderly subjects. Human Brain Mapping 38 (1), pp. 12 - 26 (2017)
Journal Article
O'Donnell, L. J.; Suter, Y.; Rigolo, L.; Kahali, P.; Zhang, F.; Norton, I.; Albi, A.; Olubiyi, O.; Meola, A.; Essayed, W. I. et al.; Unadkat, P.; Ciris, P. A.; Wells, W. M.; Rathi, Y.; Westin, C. F.; Golby, A. J.: Automated white matter fiber tract identification in patients with brain tumors. NeuroImage: Clinical 13, pp. 138 - 153 (2017)
Journal Article
Isler, C.; Albi, A.; Schaper, F.; Temel, Y.; Duits, A.: Neuropsychological outcome in subthalamic nucleus stimulation surgeries with electrodes passing through the caudate nucleus. STEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY 94 (6), pp. 413 - 420 (2016)
Journal Article
Fairhall, S. L.; Albi, A.; Melcher, D.: Temporal integration windows for naturalistic visual sequences. PLoS One 9 (7), e102248 (2014)
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