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Journal Article
Lucchesi, S.; Cheng, L.; Janmaat, K.; Mundry, R.; Pisor, A.; Surbeck, M.: Beyond the group: How food, mates, and group size influence intergroup encounters in wild bonobos (advance online). Behavioral Ecology (2020)
Journal Article
Lucchesi, S.; Cheng, L.; Janmaat, K.; Mundry, R.; Pisor, A.; Surbeck, M.: Beyond the group: how food, mates, and group size influence intergroup encounters in wild bonobos. Behavioral Ecology 31 (2), pp. 519 - 532 (2020)
Journal Article
Hohmann, G.; Vigilant, L.; Mundry, R.; Behringer, V.; Surbeck, M.: Aggression by male bonobos against immature individuals does not fit with predictions of infanticide. Aggressive Behavior 45 (3), pp. 300 - 309 (2019)
Journal Article
Jang, H.; Boesch, C.; Mundry, R.; Ban, S. D.; Janmaat, K. R. L.: Travel linearity and speed of human foragers and chimpanzees during their daily search for food in tropical rainforests. Scientific Reports 9, 11066 (2019)
Journal Article
Jang, H.; Boesch, C.; Mundry, R.; Kandza, V.; Janmaat, K.: Sun, age and test location affect spatial orientation in human foragers in rainforests. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286 (1907), 20190934 (2019)
Journal Article
Surbeck, M.; Girard-Buttoz, C.; Boesch, C.; Crockford, C.; Fruth, B.; Hohmann, G.; Langergraber, K.; Zuberbühler, K.; Wittig, R. M.; Mundry, R.: Sex-specific association patterns in bonobos and chimpanzees reflect species differences in cooperation. Royal Society Open Science 4, 161081 (2017)
Journal Article
Fruth, B.; Bondjengo Ikombe, N.; Kitengie Matshimba, G.; Metzger, S.; Musuyu Muganza, D.; Mundry, R.; Fowler, A.: New evidence for self-medication in bonobos: Manniophyton fulvum leaf- and stemstrip-swallowing from LuiKotale, Salonga National Park, DR Congo. American Journal of Primatology 76 (2), pp. 146 - 158 (2014)
Journal Article
Wilson, M. L.; Boesch, C.; Fruth, B.; Furuichi, T.; Gilby, I. C.; Hashimoto, C.; Hobaiter, C. L.; Hohmann, G.; Itoh, N.; Koops, K. et al.; Lloyd, J. N.; Matsuzawa, T.; Mitani, J. C.; Mjungu, D. C.; Morgan, D.; Muller, M. N.; Mundry, R.; Nakamura, M.; Pruetz, J.; Pusey, A. E.; Riedel, J.; Sanz, C.; Schel, A. M.; Simmons, N.; Waller, M.; Watts, D. P.; White, F.; Wittig, R. M.; Zuberbühler, K.; Wrangham, R. W.: Lethal aggression in Pan is better explained by adaptive strategies than human impacts. Nature 513 (7518), pp. 414 - 417 (2014)
Journal Article
Schubert, G.; Vigilant, L.; Boesch, C.; Klenke, R.; Langergraber, K. E.; Mundry, R.; Surbeck, M.; Hohmann, G.: Co–residence between males and their mothers and grandmothers is more frequent in bonobos than chimpanzees. PLoS One 8 (12), e83870 (2013)
Journal Article
Deschner, T.; Fuller, B. T.; Oelze, V. M.; Boesch, C.; Hublin, J.-J.; Mundry, R.; Richards, M. P.; Ortmann, S.; Hohmann, G.: Identification of energy consumption and nutritional stress by isotopic and elemental analysis of urine in bonobos (Pan paniscus). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 26 (1), pp. 69 - 77 (2012)
Journal Article
Surbeck, M.; Mundry, R.; Hohmann, G.: Mothers matter! Maternal support, dominance status and mating success in male bonobos (Pan paniscus). Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 278 (1705), pp. 590 - 598 (2011)
Journal Article
Hohmann, G.; Potts, K.; N'Guessan, A. K.; Fowler, A.; Mundry, R.; Ganzhorn, J. U.; Ortmann, S.: Plant foods consumed by Pan: Exploring the variation of nutritional ecology across Africa. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 141 (3), pp. 476 - 485 (2010)
Journal Article
Hohmann, G.; Mundry, R.; Deschner, T.: The relationship between socio-sexual behavior and salivary cortisol in bonobos: Tests of the tension regulation hypothesis. American Journal of Primatology 71 (3), pp. 223 - 232 (2009)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Janmaat, K.; Ban, S. D.; Mundry, R.: Estimating travel distance and linearity of primate routes: Ideas on how to clean and smooth track data collected with a handheld GPS. In: Spatial analysis in field primatology: Applying GIS at varying scales (Eds. Dolins, F. L.; Shaffer, C. A.; Porter, L. M.; Hickey, J. R.; Nibbelink, N. P.). Cambridge Univ. Pr., Cambridge [u.a.] (2020)
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