Publications of Ella Zoe Lattenkamp

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Lattenkamp, E. Z.; Kaiser, S.; Kaucic, R.; Großmann, M.; Koselj, K.; Goerlitz, H. R.: Environmental acoustic cues guide the biosonar attention of a highly specialised echolocator. The Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (8), jeb165696 (2018)
Journal Article
Niemelä, P. T.; Lattenkamp, E. Z.; Dingemanse, N. J.: Personality-related survival and sampling bias in wild cricket nymphs. Behavioral Ecology 26 (3), pp. 936 - 946 (2015)
Journal Article
Ludwig, A.; Vernesi, C.; Lieckfeldt, D.; Lattenkamp, E. Z.; Wiethölter, A.; Lutz, W.: Origin and patterns of genetic diversity of German fallow deer as inferred from mitochondrial DNA. European Journal of Wildlife Research 58 (2), pp. 495 - 501 (2012)
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