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Journal Article
Duporge, I.; Finerty, G. E.; Ihwagi, F.; Lee, S.; Wathika, J.; Wu, Z.; Macdonald, D. W.; Wang, T.: A satellite perspective on the movement decisions of African elephants in relation to nomadic pastoralists. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 8 (6), pp. 841 - 854 (2022)
Journal Article
Van der Weyde, L. K.; Tobler, M. W.; Gielen, M. C.; Cozzi, G.; Weise, F. J.; Adams, T.; Bauer, D.; Bennitt, E.; Bowles, M.; Brassine, A. et al.; Broekhuis, F.; Chase, M.; Collins, K.; Finerty, G. E.; Golabek, K.; Hartley, R.; Henley, S.; Isden, J.; Keeping, D.; Kesch, K.; Klein, R.; Kokole, M.; Kotze, R.; LeFlore, E.; Maude, G.; McFarlane, K.; McNutt, J. W.; Mills, G.; Morapedi, M.; Morgan, S.; Ngaka, K.; Proust, N.; Rich, L.; Roodbal, M.; Selebatso, M.; Snyman, A.; Stein, A.; Sutcliff, R.; Tshimologo, B.; Whitesell, C.; Winterbach, C.; Flyman, M. V.: Collaboration for conservation: Assessing countrywide carnivore occupancy dynamics from sparse data. Diversity and Distributions 28 (5), pp. 917 - 929 (2022)
Journal Article
Lewis, R. J.; de Bello, F.; Bennett, J. A.; Fibich, P.; Finerty, G. E.; Gotzenberger, L.; Hiiesalu, I.; Kasari, L.; Leps, J.; Majekova, M. et al.; Mudrak, O.; Riibak, K.; Ronk, A.; Rychtecka, T.; Vitova, A.; Partel, M.: Applying the dark diversity concept to nature conservation. Conservation Biology 31 (1), pp. 40 - 47 (2017)
Journal Article
Finerty, G. E.; de Bello, F.; Bila, K.; Berg, M. P.; Dias, A. T. C.; Pezzatti, G. B.; Moretti, M.: Exotic or not, leaf trait dissimilarity modulates the effect of dominant species on mixed litter decomposition. Journal of Ecology 104 (5), pp. 1400 - 1409 (2016)
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