Publications of Alexander Q. Vining

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Journal Article
Kappeler, P. M.; Nunn, C. L.; Vining, A. Q.; Goodman, S. M.: Evolutionary dynamics of sexual size dimorphism in non-volant mammals following their independent colonization of Madagascar. Scientific Reports 9 (2019)
Journal Article
Samson, D. R.; Vining, A. Q.; Nunn, C. L.: Sleep influences cognitive performance in lemurs. Animal Cognition 22 (5), pp. 697 - 706 (2019)
Journal Article
Teichroeb, J. A.; Vining, A. Q.: Navigation strategies in three nocturnal lemur species: diet predicts heuristic use and degree of exploratory behavior. Animal Cognition 22 (3), pp. 343 - 354 (2019)
Journal Article
Vining, A. Q.; Nunn, C. L.: Evolutionary change in physiological phenotypes along the human lineage. Evolution, Medicine and Public Health (1), pp. 312 - 324 (2016)
Journal Article
Marsh, H. L.; Vining, A. Q.; Levendoski, E. K.; Judge, P. G.: Inference by Exclusion in Lion-Tailed Macaques (Macaca silenus), a Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas), Capuchins (Sapajus apella), and Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus). Journal of Comparative Psychology 129 (3), pp. 256 - 267 (2015)
Journal Article
Vining, A. Q.; Marsh, H. L.: Information seeking in capuchins (Cebus apella): A rudimentary form of metacognition? Animal Cognition 18 (3), pp. 667 - 681 (2015)
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