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Acacio, M.; Anglister, N.; Vaadia, G.; Harel, R.; Nathan, R.; Hatzofe, O.; Spiegel, O.: A lifetime track of a griffon vulture: The moving story of Rehovot (Y64). Ecology (2023)
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Kamau, M. W.; Hassell, J. M.; Milnes, E. L.; Hayek, L. A. C.; Mutinda, M. M.; Harel, R.; Matsumoto-Oda, A.; Yu, J. H.; Zimmerman, D.; Crofoot, M. C. et al.; Murray, S.: Point of care blood gas and electrolyte analysis in anesthetized olive baboons (Papio anubis) in a field setting. International Journal of Primatology 42, S. 667 - 681 (2021)
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Resheff, Y. S.; Rotics, S.; Harel, R.; Spiegel, O.; Nathan, R.: AcceleRater: a web application for supervised learning of behavioral modes from acceleration measurements. BMC Movement Ecology 1, 27 (2014)
Nathan, R.; Spiegel, O.; Fortmann-Roe, S.; Harel, R.; Wikelski, M.; Getz, W. M.: Using tri-axial acceleration data to identify behavioral modes of free-ranging animals: General concepts and tools illustrated for griffon vultures. The Journal of Experimental Biology 215 (6), S. 986 - 996 (2012)

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Duriez, O.; Harel, R.; Hatzofe, O.: Studying movement of avian scavengers to understand carrion ecology. In: Carrion Ecology and Management, S. 255 - 274 (Hg. Olea, P. P.; Mateo-Tomás, P.; Sánchez-Zapata, J. A.). Springer, Cham (2019)
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