Publications of Robert Ian Etheredge

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Etheredge, R. I.; Schartl, M.; Jordan, A.: Decontextualized learning for interpretable hierarchical representations of visual patterns. Patterns 2 (2), 100193 (2021)
Journal Article
Haluts, A.; Garza, S. F.; Gorbonos, D.; Etheredge, R. I.; Jordan, A.; Gov, N. S.: Spatiotemporal dynamics of animal contests arise from effective forces between contestants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (49), e2106269118 (2021)
Journal Article
Etheredge, R. I.; Avenas, C.; Armstrong, M. J.; Cummings, M. E.: Sex-specific cognitive–behavioural profiles emerging from individual variation in numerosity discrimination in Gambusia affinis. Animal Cognition 21 (1), pp. 37 - 53 (2018)
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