Dr. Daisy Dent

Affiliierte Wissenschaftlerin
Abteilung für Ökologie der Tiergesellschaften
ETH Zurich


My research interests lie at the intersection of forest ecology and conservation. In my research group, we aim to characterise how interactions and feedbacks between forest plant and animal communities change following disturbance, and how we can maintain viable populations of forest species in human-modified landscapes. We are particularly interested in how forests regenerate following disturbance or complete clearance, and how species interactions can be drivers of ecological resilience and recovery. Our fieldwork focuses on two long-term study sites in Panama and Malaysia. 


11/ 2021- Present      Senior Scientist. ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

01/ 2011- Present     Research Associate. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), Panama

02/ 2021- 12/ 2022    Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior, Germany

01/ 2011- 06/ 2022    Lecturer. University of Stirling, UK

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