Narcís Font Massot

IMPRS Doctoral Student
Max Planck Research Group Ding

Main Focus

My research is aimed at understanding collective animal behavior; I use C. elegans, and other nematode species, as a model system to comprehend how the social interaction among individual organisms give rise to pattern and structures at higher levels of organization, and why these interactions have evolved.

I combine theoretical, computational, and experimental work to gain insights into the mechanistic aspects and the evolutionary foundations of the nematode behavior, specially focusing on how complex social environments affects the collective behavior, and study the kin recognition strategies.

Curriculum Vitae

2020 - 2021: MSc in Modeling for Science and Engineering
Mathematics Research Center (CRM), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Specialization in Complex Systems Modeling

2015 - 2020: Degree in Physics

Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, University of Barcelona (UB)
Fundamental Physics Mention

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