Narcís Font

IMPRS Doctoral Student
Max Planck Research Group Ding

Main Focus

I am a physicist interested in collective animal behavior and complex systems. What particularly fascinates me is the study of collective behavior, which is often associated with the concept of having a collective mind. Also, another thing that attracts me is the study of social animal behavior as complex systems, where the non-linear interaction among agents can lead to larger-scale phenomena; and so, to link biological systems with mathematical frameworks.

My work focuses on modeling the nematodes' collective behavior empirically studied. I  develop an agent-based model to study the individual-level mechanisms driving the macroscopic dynamics, and to quantify the behavior differences across worm strains.

Curriculum Vitae

2020 - 2021: MSc in Modeling for Science and Engineering
Mathematics Research Center (CRM), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Specialization in Complex Systems Modeling

2015 - 2020: Degree in Physics

Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, University of Barcelona (UB)
Fundamental Physics Mention

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