QUeeR in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Beginn: 19.05.2022
  • Ende: 20.05.2022
  • Gastgeber: University of Konstanz, department of Biology
Our aim is to provide a place for networking between students and scientists who identify themselves as LGBTQIA* and who work in the field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). The event will be a mix of short workshops on networking and empowering as well as scientific presentations and discussions. Our main focus is on science and we want to stimulate interesting and fruitful discussions between members of the "Queer EEB" community. Both workshops (Networking and Relationship Building and Empowerment Training for Queer Scholars as well as the presentations by the invited speakers (Elisa Schaum and Morgan Tingley) will take place online. There is no charge to attend the workshops and lectures. Registration is open until 2nd May 2022. Please register here: https://www.rtg-resilience.uni-konstanz.de/events/queer-eco-evo/
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