Publications of the Research Group of Causes, Mechanisms and Consequences of Songbird Migration

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Journal Article
Twining, C. W.; Shipley, J. R.; McCue, M. D.; Pokrovsky, I.; Gregoire, A.; Faivre, B.; Wikelski, M.; Partecke, J.: Energetics and fuel use vary with migration strategy across populations of Common Blackbirds. Functional Ecology 37 (7), pp. 1910 - 1921 (2023)
Journal Article
Wild, T. A.; van Schalkwyk, O. L.; Viljoen, P.; Heine, G.; Richter, N.; Vorneweg, B.; Koblitz, J. C.; Dechmann, D. K. N.; Rogers, W.; Partecke, J. et al.; Linek, N.; Volkmer, T.; Gregersen, T.; Havmoller, R. W.; Morelle, K.; Daim, A.; Wiesner, M.; Wolter, K.; Fiedler, W.; Kays, R.; Ezenwa, V. O.; Meboldt, M.; Wikelski, M.: A multi-species evaluation of digital wildlife monitoring using the Sigfox IoT network. Animal Biotelemetry 11 (1), 13 (2023)
Journal Article
Flack, A.; Aikens, E. O.; Kölzsch, A.; Nourani, E.; Snell, K. R. S.; Fiedler, W.; Linek, N.; Bauer, H.-G.; Thorup, K.; Partecke, J. et al.; Wikelski, M.; Williams, H. J.: New frontiers in bird migration research. Current Biology 32 (20), pp. R1187 - R1199 (2022)
Journal Article
Kays, R.; Davidson, S. C.; Berger, M.; Bohrer, G.; Fiedler, W.; Flack, A.; Hirt, J.; Hahn, C.; Gauggel, D.; Russell, B. et al.; Kölzsch, A.; Lohr, A.; Partecke, J.; Quetting, M.; Safi, K.; Scharf, A. K.; Schneider, G.; Lang, I.; Schaeuffelhut, F.; Landwehr, M.; Storhas, M.; van Schalkwyk, O. L.; Vinciguerra, C.; Weinzierl, R.; Wikelski, M.: The Movebank system for studying global animal movement and demography. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13 (3), pp. 419 - 431 (2022)
Journal Article
Linek, N.; Volkmer, T.; Shipley, J. R.; Twining, C. W.; Zuniga, D.; Wikelski, M.; Partecke, J.: A songbird adjusts its heart rate and body temperature in response to season and fluctuating daily conditions. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 376 (1830), 20200213 (2021)
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