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Journal Article
Tiedeman, K.; Chamberlin, J.; Kosmowski, F.; Ayalew, H.; Sida, T.; Hijmans, R. J.: Field data collection methods strongly affect satellite-based crop yield estimation. Remote Sensing 14 (9), 1995 (2022)
Journal Article
Biffi, S.; Traldi, R.; Crezee, B.; Beckmann, M.; Egli, L.; Schmidt, D. E.; Motzer, N.; Okumah, M.; Seppelt, R.; Slabbert, E. L. et al.; Tiedeman, K.; Wang, H. L.; Ziv, G.: Aligning agri-environmental subsidies and environmental needs: a comparative analysis between the US and EU. Environmental Research Letters 16 (5), 054067 (2021)
Journal Article
Tiedeman, K.; Hijmans, R. J.; Mandel, A.; Waetjen, D. P.; Shilling, F.: The quality and contribution of volunteer collected animal vehicle collision data in ecological research. Ecological Indicators 106, 105431 (2019)
Journal Article
Tiedeman, K.; Yeh, S.; Scanlon, B. R.; Teter, J.; Mishra, G. S.: Recent trends in water use and production for California oil production. Environmental Science & Technology 50 (14), pp. 7904 - 7912 (2016)
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