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Chapman, C. A. A.; Abernathy, K.; Chapman, L. J.; Downs, C.; Effiom, E. O. O.; Gogarten, J. F. F.; Golooba, M.; Kalbitzer, U.; Lawes, M. J. J.; Mekonnen, A. et al.; Omeja, P.; Razafindratsima, O.; Sheil, D.; Tabor, G. M. M.; Tumwesigye, C.; Sarkar, D.: The future of sub-Saharan Africa's biodiversity in the face of climate and societal change. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 790552 (2022)
Journal Article
Hacket-Pain, A.; Foest, J. J.; Pearse, I. S.; LaMontagne, J. M.; Koenig, W. D.; Vacchiano, G.; Bogdziewicz, M.; Caignard, T.; Celebias, P.; van Dormolen, J. et al.; Fernandez-Martinez, M.; Moris, J. V.; Palaghianu, C.; Pesendorfer, M.; Satake, A.; Schermer, E.; Tanentzap, A. J.; Thomas, P. A.; Vecchio, D.; Wion, A. P.; Wohlgemuth, T.; Xue, T. T.; Abernethy, K.; Acuna, M. C. A.; Barrera, M. D.; Barton, J. H.; Boutin, S.; Bush, E. R.; Calderon, S. D.; Carevic, F. S.; de Castilho, C. V.; Cellini, J. M.; Chapman, C. A.; Chapman, H.; Chianucci, F.; da Costa, P.; Croise, L.; Cutini, A.; Dantzer, B.; DeRose, R. J.; Dikangadissi, J. T.; Dimoto, E.; da Fonseca, F. L.; Gallo, L.; Gratzer, G.; Greene, D. F.; Hadad, M. A.; Herrera, A. H.; Jeffery, K. J.; Johnstone, J. F.; Kalbitzer, U.; Kantorowicz, W.; Klimas, C. A.; Lageard, J. G. A.; Lane, J.; Lapin, K.; Ledwon, M.; Leeper, A. C.; Lencinas, M. V.; Lira-Guedes, A. C.; Lordon, M. C.; Marchelli, P.; Marino, S.; Van Marle, H. S.; McAdam, A. G.; Momont, L. R. W.; Nicolas, M.; Wadt, L. H. D.; Panahi, P.; Pastur, G. M.; Patterson, T.; Peri, P. L.; Piechnik, L.; Pourhashemi, M.; Quezada, C. E.; Roig, F. A.; Rojas, K. P.; Rosas, Y. M.; Schueler, S.; Seget, B.; Soler, R.; Steele, M. A.; Toro-Manriquez, M.; Tutin, C. E. G.; Ukizintambara, T.; White, L.; Yadok, B.; Willis, J. L.; Zolles, A.; Zywiec, M.; Ascoli, D.: MASTREE plus: Time-series of plant reproductive effort from six continents. Global Change Biology 28 (9), pp. 3066 - 3082 (2022)
Journal Article
Harel, R.; Alavi, S.; Ashbury, A. M.; Aurisano, J.; Berger-Wolf, T.; Davis, G. H.; Hirsch, B. T.; Kalbitzer, U.; Kays, R.; McLean, K. et al.; Nuñez, C. L.; Vining, A. Q.; Walton, Z.; Havmoller, R. W.; Crofoot, M. C.: Life in 2.5D: Animal Movement in the Trees. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 801850 (2022)
Journal Article
Chapman, C. A.; Galan-Acedo, C.; Gogarten, J. F.; Hou, R.; Lawes, M. J.; Omeja, P. A.; Sarkar, D.; Sugiyama, A.; Kalbitzer, U.: A 40-year evaluation of drivers of African rainforest change. Forest Ecosystems 8 (1), 66 (2021)
Journal Article
Fedigan, L. M.; Hogan, J. D.; Campos, F. A.; Kalbitzer, U.; Jack, K. M.: Costs of male infanticide for female capuchins: When does an adaptive male reproductive strategy become costly for females and detrimental to population viability? American Journal of Physical Anthropology 176 (3), pp. 349 - 360 (2021)
Journal Article
Hartwell, K. S.; Notman, H.; Kalbitzer, U.; Chapman, C. A.; Pavelka, M. M. S. M.: Fruit availability has a complex relationship with fission-fusion dynamics in spider monkeys. Primates 62, pp. 165 - 175 (2021)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; Chapman, C. A.: Patterns of female social relationships in a primate with female-biased dispersal. Animal Behaviour 177, pp. 117 - 133 (2021)
Journal Article
Bergstrom, M. L.; Kalbitzer, U.; Campos, F. A.; Melin, A. D.; Thompson, M. E.; Fedigan, L. M.: Non-invasive estimation of the costs of feeding competition in a neotropical primate. Hormones and Behavior 118, 104632 (2020)
Journal Article
Campos, F. A.; Kalbitzer, U.; Melin, A. D.; Hogan, J. D.; Cheves, S. E.; Murillo-Chacons, E.; Guadamuz, A.; Myers, M. S.; Schaffner, C. M.; Jack, K. M. et al.; Aureli, F.; Fedigan, L. M.: Differential impact of severe drought on infant mortality in two sympatric neotropical primates. Royal Society Open Science 7 (4), 200302 (2020)
Journal Article
Chapman, C. A.; Bicca-Marques, J. C.; Dunham, A. E.; Fan, P. F.; Fashing, P. J.; Gogarten, J. F.; Guo, S. T.; Huffman, M. A.; Kalbitzer, U.; Li, B. G. et al.; Ma, C. Y.; Matsuda, I.; Omeja, P. A.; Sarkar, D.; Sengupta, R.; Serio-Silva, J. C.; Tsuji, Y.; Stenseth, N. C.: Primates can be a rallying symbol to promote tropical forest restoration. Folia primatologica 91 (6), pp. 669 - 687 (2020)
Journal Article
Chapman, C. A.; Omeja, P. A.; Kalbitzer, U.; Fan, P. L.; Lawes, M. J.: Restoration provides hope for faunal recovery: Changes in primate abundance over 45 years in Kibale National Park, Uganda. Tropical Conservation Science 11 (1) (2020)
Journal Article
Melin, A. D.; Hogan, J. D.; Campos, F. A.; Wikberg, E.; King-Bailey, G.; Webb, S.; Kalbitzer, U.; Asensio, N.; Murillo-Chacon, E.; Hernandez, S. C. et al.; Chavarria, A. G.; Schaffner, C. M.; Kawamura, S.; Aureli, F.; Fedigan, L.; Jack, K. M.: Primate life history, social dynamics, ecology, and conservation: Contributions from long-term research in area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Biotropica 52 (6), pp. 1041 - 1064 (2020)
Journal Article
Valenta, K.; Daegling, D. J.; Nevo, O.; Ledogar, J.; Sarkar, D.; Kalbitzer, U.; Bortolamiol, S.; Omeja, P.; Chapman, C. A.; Ayasse, M. et al.; Kay, R.; Williams, B.: Fruit selectivity in anthropoid primates: Size matters. International Journal of Primatology 41 (3), pp. 525 - 537 (2020)
Journal Article
Atickem, A.; Stenseth, N. C.; Fashing, P. J.; Nguyen, N.; Chapman, C. A.; Bekele, A.; Mekonnen, A.; Omeja, P. A.; Kalbitzer, U.: Build science in Africa. Nature 570 (7761), pp. 297 - 300 (2019)
Journal Article
Hogan, J. D.; Jack, K. M.; Campos, F. A.; Kalbitzer, U.; Fedigan, L. M.: Group versus population level demographics: An analysis of comparability using long term data on wild white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus imitator). American Journal of Primatology 81 (7), e23027 (2019)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; McInnis, V.; Chapman, C. A.: Primates create seedling growth hotspots through pattern of dung deposition. African Journal of Ecology 57 (2), pp. 190 - 197 (2019)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; McInnis, V.; Omeja, P. A.; Bortolamiol, S.; Chapman, C. A.: Does the presence of elephant dung create hotspots of growth for existing seedlings? Journal of Tropical Ecology 35 (3), pp. 132 - 139 (2019)
Journal Article
Valenta, K.; Kalbitzer, U.; Razafimandimby, D.; Omeja, P.; Ayasse, M.; Chapman, C. A.; Nevo, O.: The evolution of fruit colour: phylogeny, abiotic factors and the role of mutualists. Scientific Reports 8, 14302 (2018)
Journal Article
Fischer, J.; Kopp, G. H.; Pesco, F. D.; Goffe, A.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Kalbitzer, U.; Klapproth, M.; Maciej, P.; Ndao, I.; Patzelt, A. et al.; Zinner, D.: Charting the neglected West: The social system of Guinea baboons. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 162 (S63), pp. 15 - 31 (2017)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; Bergstrom, M. L.; Carnegie, S. D.; Wikberg, E. C.; Kawamura, S.; Campos, F. A.; Jack, K. M.; Fedigan, L. M.: Female sociality and sexual conflict shape offspring survival in a Neotropical primate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114 (8), pp. 1892 - 1897 (2017)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; Roos, C.; Kopp, G. H.; Butynski, T. M.; Knauf, S.; Zinner, D.; Fischer, J.: Insights into the genetic foundation of aggression in Papio and the evolution of two length-polymorphisms in the promoter regions of serotonin-related genes (5-HTTLPR and MAOALPR) in Papionini. BMC Evolutionary Biology 16, 121 (2016)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; Heistermann, M.; Cheney, D.; Seyfarth, R.; Fischer, J.: Social behavior and patterns of testosterone and glucocorticoid levels differ between male chacma and Guinea baboons. Hormones and Behavior 75, pp. 100 - 110 (2015)
Journal Article
Patzelt, A.; Kopp, G. H.; Ndao, I.; Kalbitzer, U.; Zinner, D.; Fischer, J.: Male tolerance and male–male bonds in a multilevel primate society. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (41), pp. 14740 - 14745 (2014)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, J.; Kalbitzer, U.; Knudsen, G. M.; Cumming, P.; Heinz, A.: How the cerebral serotonin homeostasis predicts environmental changes: a model to explain seasonal changes of brain 5-HTT as intermediate phenotype of the 5-HTTLPR. Psychopharmacology 230 (3), pp. 333 - 343 (2013)
Journal Article
Kalbitzer, U.; Heistermann, M.: Long-term storage effects in steroid metabolite extracts from baboon (Papio sp.) faeces a comparison of three commonly applied storage methods. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4 (5), pp. 493 - 500 (2013)
Journal Article
Wheeler, B. C.; Tiddi, B.; Kalbitzer, U.; Visalberghi, E.; Heistermann, M.: Methodological considerations in the analysis of fecal glucocorticoid metabolites in tufted Capuchins (Cebus apella). International Journal of Primatology 34 (5), pp. 879 - 898 (2013)

Book (1)

Kalbitzer, U.; Jack, K. M. (Eds.): Primate Life Histories, Sex Roles, and Adaptability. Springer International Publishing (2018), 385 pp.

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Book Chapter
Kalbitzer, U.; Chapman, C. A.: Primate responses to changing environments in the anthropocene. In: Primate Life Histories, Sex Roles, and Adaptability: Essays in Honour of Linda M. Fedigan, pp. 283 - 310 (Eds. Kalbitzer, U.; Chapman, C. A.). Springer International Publishing, Cham (2018)
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