Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski

Managing Director
Department of Migration

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1965 in Munich. Study of Zoology at the LMU in Munich (1985-1991). PhD at the University of Bielefeld (1994). Postdoc at the University of Washington, Seattle (1995-1998) and at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama (1996-1998). Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1998-2000) and at Princeton University (2000-2005); then Associate Professor (2005-2008) in Princeton. Since December 2007 Wikelski is Director at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell. He was Full Professor at the University of Konstanz (2007-2016) and is Honorary Professor since 2016.

Prof. Wikelski was 1998 Niko-Tinbergen Laureate of the German Ethological Society and 2000 Bartholomew Laureate of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. In 2008 the National Geographic Society honored him as “Emerging Explorer”, and in 2010 he was designated “Adventurer of the Year” for his leading contribution to the research of global animal migration. He became elected member of the Leopoldina, the German national science academy, in 2014 and was awarded with the Max Planck Research Award in 2016.

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