Dr. Katherine Snell

Department of Migration
Research Group Partecke

Main Focus

Physiological adaptations and diversification underlying speciation and distribution of species. Tracking and bio-logging of highly mobile species, and ecological modelling. Migration and foraging movements (birds and marine mammals) as indicators of the effects of anthropogenic and seasonal environmental change in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Curriculum Vitae


University of Copenhagen, Denmark: PhD Title:Physiology of avian migratory processes. Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, with placement at Wingfield and Ramenofsky lab, UC Davis, USA 2015-2018


Open University with the British Antarctic Survey, UK (British Antarctic Territory): MPhil Photoprotective pigments in Cephaloziella varians: investigating responses to climate change. 2004-2007


University of Durham, UK: BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with Industrial Research Placement (BRC, University of Dundee, UK) 1997-2002



Post-Doctoral Researcher Aahus University, Kalø, Denmark 2019


PhD Fellow, Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate SMN, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2015-2018

Isle of Noss, National Nature Reserve, Shetland, NNR Manager SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage), Scotland 2012-2014


Future of Atlantic Marine Environment, Senior Research Assistant RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), Scotland 2010


Fisheries Seabird Scientist Falkland Islands Government, Stanley, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic 2008         

Terrestrial Field Research Assistant (Antarctica) British Antarctic Survey, Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island, Antarctica 2003-2007

Research Assistant – Human Physiology University of Cambridge, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research 2003

Zoological Research Assistant British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK 2002-2003

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