MPI employees in the Bee Marie

Bee Marie

Our bee meadow "bee marie" is open to everyone. There is an insect hotel, a lizard stone wall, bee hives and much more to explore. It also serves scientist for some experiments.

Beginning in spring 2009, two nearby elementary schools from Möggingen and Güttingen along with several other children helped establish the Bee Marie in the outdoor area of the old castle mill.  It includes a meadow for bees, butterflies and insects; a wild hedge for birds, a bird house, an insect-hotel, a small vegetable garden and an herbal hill for lizards.  Additional habitats will be built.

There is a narrow path through the area so that visitors can experience the inhabitants from close-up.  On the way to the institute there is also an information board with a telescope to observe from afar. It explains the habitat “Bee Marie,” the research and the scientific projects that have already taken place there. In its first two years, 60% percent of the finances for “Bee Marie” were provided by “PLENUM Westlicher Bodensee.

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