Vocal communication of pre-hatched chicks

Department for the Ecology of Animal Societies

What’s the project about?
Bird embryos are able to emit their first vocalizations 1-3 days prior to hatching. In (semi)precocial species, these first vocalizations have been suggested to be involved in hatching synchronization as well as in parent-offspring communication. Using continuous recordings of artificially incubated eggs in the last 3 days prior to hatching, in combination with a playback of maternal hen vocalizations we can explore how embryos respond to the incubating parents and whether chick-vocalizations help to synchronize hatching. Students will develop their skills in analysing audio data an can ask exciting questions about the development of vocal communication in birds.

Who can apply?
The project is available to BSc students

Who should I contact?
Cini Gall and Meg Crofoot, Department for the Ecology of Animal Societies

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