Ecological and social triggers of human (predator) and animal (prey) movement patterns in Central DRC

Bonobo Behavioral Ecology Research Group

What’s the project about?
For millennia, wildlife in Central Africa has represented a critical source of food and income for local human population. Today however, overhunting is threatening biodiversity and consequently the livelihood of millions of people. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we try to assess the sustainability of the system under current rates of wildlife extraction. Students will work with interview, telemetry, or camera-trap/acoustic data, to investigate research topics spanning 1) effects of different hunting strategies on the spatial behaviour and survival of prey species, 2) correlates of hunting success, including strategy, social set-up, cooperativeness, 3) motivations promoting hunting in the area.

Who can apply?
The project is open to BSc and MSc students

Who should I contact?
Barbara Fruth and Mattia Bessone, Bonobo Behavioral Ecology Research Group

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