Vocal communication in white-nosed coatis

Communication & Collective Movement Research Group

What’s the project about?
Vocal communication can be used by social animals to maintain cohesion and come to a consensus on when and where to travel. But what happens when group cohesion breaks down? We are interested in the role of vocalizations in the collective behavior of white-nosed coatis; a mammal with a unique social organization that predominantly inhabits tropical forests. By simultaneously tracking full groups of wild coatis with GPS and audio collars, we can investigate the mechanisms groups use to collectively move together and what happens when these processes break down. Students will develop their skills in analyzing audio data and can ask exciting questions about the role of vocal communication in a wild social mammal.

Who can apply?
The project is open to BSc students at the University of Konstanz

Who should I contact?
Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin, Group Leader of the Communication and Collective Movement Group

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