Project: The evolution of complex behavior

Behavioral Evolution Research Group

What’s the project about?

How do complex behaviors evolve? Are they a prerequisite for living in social groups, or is social living a prerequisite for the evolution of complex behavior? We work in the unique adaptive radiation of Lake Tanganyikan cichlids to explore differences in social behavior among species, using a combination of underwater field work and AI-based animal tracking and computational approaches. Students can develop projects with the preferred blend of fieldwork or computational methods to quantify and compare behavioral differences in wild fishes.

Who can apply?

The project is available to both BSc and MSc students

Anything else to know?

You will require SCUBA qualifications for fieldwork. You will have computational skills, in particular Python, or a willingness to learn. Field season typically runs September–November.

Who should I contact?

Alex Jordan, Group Leader of Behavioral Evolution Research Group

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