Project: Fish cognition in the wild

Behavioral Evolution Research Group

What’s the project about?

In our research, we are continually finding that the cognitive capacities of fishes and other ‘lower vertebrates’ are far more complex and sophisticated than previously imagined. We offer thesis projects performing cognitive tests with tropical fishes to further explore just how smart they might be, from mirror self-recognition to operant conditioning. The preferred candidates would be able to dive (or be willing to get qualified), and be prepared to work in field settings. We offer projects exploring the cognitive capacities of marine wrasse (in Corsica) or freshwater cichlids (in Lake Tanganyika).

Who can apply?

The project is available to both BSc and MSc students

Anything else to know?

You will require a SCUBA license to work in projects that include fieldwork underwater. Field seasons typically run May–June and September–November. Please make contact at least six months (preferably one year) prior to planned thesis period.

Who should I contact?

Alex Jordan, Group Leader of Behavioral Evolution Research Group

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