Publications of the Research Group of Bonobo Behavioral Ecology

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Girard-Buttoz, C.; Surbeck, M.; Samuni, L.; Boesch, C.; Fruth, B.; Crockford, C.; Hohmann, G.; Wittig, R. M.: Variable use of polyadic grooming and its effect on access to social partners in wild chimpanzees and bonobos. Animal Behavior 168, pp. 211 - 224 (2020)
Journal Article
Lee, S. M.; Murray, C. M.; Lonsdorf, E. V.; Fruth, B.; Stanton, M. A.; Nichols, J.; Hohmann, G.: Wild bonobo and chimpanzee females exhibit broadly similar patterns of behavioral maturation but some evidence for divergence. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 171 (1), pp. 100 - 109 (2020)
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